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La Defense

La Defense

La Défense is the major business district of the Paris. It is centered in an orbital motorway bewteen cities of Nanterre, Courbevoie, and Puteaux. La Défense is at the westernmost extremity of Paris's Historical Axis, which starts at the Louvre Museum continues along the Champs Elysees avenue before culminating at La Défense.
Dan Kiley, the American landscape architect and garden designer, was responsible for a half mile stretch, the Dalle Centrale, between the River Seine and the Grand Arche. It is an exercise in classical modernism, embellished with water features and other works of art. Above ground we planted long, linear bosques of pollarded London plane trees on either side of the corridor". He insisted on having all four rows of London plane. West of the Arche, a decked bridge extends the axis towards St-Germain-en-Laye.

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