• 04 Jan

    A Distinctively Warm Dining Experience at the Citrus Etoile

    While it may be chilly in Paris during the winter months, visitors can still enjoy a warm ambiance where they will experience world-class cuisine. This is possible at a restaurant called Citrus Etoile, located steps away from the Champs-Elysées. As a result, guests staying at any one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées are ideally placed to stop by the Citrus Etoile.

    Those who do will instantly notice the decor — bold and crisp orange hues popping against minimalist white tablecloths. Tasteful paintings line the walls, offering a chic touch that lets patrons know that they are dining somewhere truly special. Prices are in line with other Parisian restaurants of this calibre, so for most people, a night at the Citrus Etoile will be reserved for a very special ocassion. And when that ocassion comes, diners will be in for a real treat.

    To start the meal off with a bang, appetizers include eagle ray tartare served with caviar, fois gras ravioli with seafood bisque and albacore tuna tart with quinoa. These starters make it clear that the Citrus Etoile prides itself on offering unique foods that many people may have never tried before.

    The main courses are a bit more traditional but are no less delicious and still experiment with interesting elements. For example, guests can try the scallops with lemon leaves, calamari and autumn vegetables. They can also try the Alpine lamb with corn, pea and mint ravioli or the beef filet cook in wasabi, artichoke and served with roasting jus.

    Such a beautiful meal deserves an excellent dessert, and the Citrus Etoile does not disappoint here either. Caramel cheesecake with pineapple sorbet or even an airy soufflé await those who left room for dessert. In this way, the bright and sophisticated restaurant reveals its innovation and mastery of complex ingredients from start to finish.