• 14 Feb

    Chocolate Easter Displays Amaze at the Maison du Chocolat

    Get ready for Easter during your visit to Paris by heading to the Maison du Chocolat. The Maison du Chocolat specializes in creating impressive chocolate displays that are like works of art. The chocolatier also makes more traditional pieces of chocolate for those who just wish to grab a box or a bag on the go. Whether visitors want to see the artistic chocolate creations or simply try a piece a chocolate, the Maison du Chocolat at 8 boulevard de la Madeleine offers the perfect environment, just a short stroll away from the Champs-Elysées.

    This makes the chocolate spot easily accessible from any one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées. As a result, guests staying there can easily see the special Easter displays that the store has prepared this year. From chocolate bunnies to elaborate eclairs, a variety of sweets have been conceived for the holiday.

    On display is a particularly large chocolate scene. The piece is called 'Easter Workshop,' and it is made up of 5 kilograms of chocolate, depicting a scene of four adorable Easter bunnies who themselves are making French pastries. There are dark chocolate bunnies and milk chocolate bunnies wearing chef's hats and aprons made of white chocolate. They are surrounded by baking supplies and pastries, which are also made out of chocolate.

    There is also a mini version of the piece called 'Toque Chef.' This is a play on words that references the toque — the type of brimless hat generally associated with chefs — and the famous cooking show 'Top Chef.' It features the same idea of rabbits as chefs but only has one chef bunny instead of four like the full-sized display. Made of 700 grams of chocolate, visitors can even take the miniature version home themselves for €120.

    What better way to experience the City of Light than by seeing how Parisians celebrate the holidays? With a visit to the Maison du Chocolat before Easter, travellers can do just that.