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Photographer Monty Knowles and His Other-Worldly Nymphs

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A trained and experienced architect, Monty Knowles knows a thing or two about how to bring spatial elements together in harmony. Furthermore, his life as a traveler and culture vulture has given him a unique vision of beauty that shines through as he crafts a career in photography. The artist's nymph-themed work combines both visual art and photography as Knowles uses body paint on models to create sublime visions that come from another world. Once painted, the models are then photographed by K… ...

Raw Emotion Is Showcased in This Broadway-Style Show in Paris

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For two dazzling shows, the Théâtre Michel will bring the music of Barbra Streisand to the stage as a show called 'Sleepin' Bee' dances its way into Paris. Unforgettable Broadway rhythms will be brought to life as the songs of Streisand are showcased during the spectacle. The name 'Sleepin' Bee' comes from a song in the 1954 musical 'House of Flowers,' which was the result of a collaboration between composer Harold Arlen and writer Truman Capote. With a cinematographic ambiance, 'Sleepin' Bee' … ...

Gourmet Italian Food Showcased within Fiat's Luxury Showroom

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The Avenue des Champs-Elysées is the location for a myriad of flashy and luxurious brands displaying their wares in enticing ways. The MotorVillage, located at 2 Rond Pont des Champs-Elysées offers the opportunity to witness such a display, as the Fiat brand shows off its most impressive vehicles in a unique and visually pleasing space. Foodies will be pleased to hear that there is plenty for them to enjoy at the MotorVillage as well. In fact, since March 20, 2014 the MotorVillage has been offe… ...

The Petit Palais Takes Visitors Back to the Belle Epoque

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The Belle Epoque was a time when Paris was considered to be the cultural capital of the world. At the turn of the 20th century, the city buzzed with artists, writers, poets and intellectuals who made some of the most profund breakthroughs in this hub of creativity. At the Petit Palais, 600 paintings, costumes, art objects, films, furniture, photographs, jewellry and other pieces will take spectators back to this golden age in the history of the City of Light. The exhibition 'Paris 1900, the Cit… ...

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