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Adidas Sport Performance store

Adidas Sport Performance store, Paris

Are you planning to visit the Champs Élysées ? Then why not visit one of the largest Adidas Sport Performance store in the world ! This 1750 square meters store is home to the widest sport products in the world made by the Three stripes company :  sports shoes, clothing, accessories and most of the brand's products. This  flagship store, which occupies two floors, was opened the 25th of October 2006 showcasing the brand's latest products and accessories : everything under the adidas banner is th… ...

"David Bowie Is" a tribute to the pop icon at the Philharmonie de Paris

david bowie is a cultural exhibition at the philharmonie de paris

The english pop icon David Bowie is paid tribute through an exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris, a retrospective around the successful carreer of the artist, who strongly influenced the pop music history. This exhibition will help you discover more than 300 objects in relation with the pop icon: handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography , movies, music videos, Bowie’sets and instruments ... Having sold 140 million 'albums during his career, David Bowie is a singer, composer, produ… ...

L'Atelier Etoile, by Joel Robuchon, at the heart of the Champs Elysées, housed in the notorious Publicis Drugstore

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L'Atelier Etoile, located in the Publicis Store - 133 Avenue des Champs Elysées, in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris- is a prominent address when it comes to French Cuisine, that definitely has to come on top of your "To-Do" lists while in Paris; especially if you're staying at one of the Sister Hotels hotel.  Indeed, l'Atelier Etoile displays an original gastronomy. Actually, the customers can observe their dishes being prepared. You can either sit in the cosy counter or enjoy your meal at a ta… ...

"Le Pérugin, Maitre de Raphaël" a glimpse of renaissance painting in Paris

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From September 12 to January 19, 2015, Jacquemart-André museum will be home to Perugino's exhibition "Le Pérugin, Maitre de Raphaël" (Perugin master of Raphael).  Perugino (1446/1450 – 1523) was an Italian Renaissance painter belonging to the Umbrian school,and had great and international success. Perugino's early main works were St. Bernard's Lifestyle (1473) and the Adoration of the Magi (1476). And later Christ Crowned with Thorns (1500-05) and The Virgin and Child with Saints (1500-50).  R… ...

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